Where is the equivalent of Canary Wharf but closer to central london?

Hey everyone, I am from outside Belfast but I have been living in Melbourne, Australia for the past 5 years.  I love it here but its far from home for the long term and I am thinking of relocating to London to give it a go.  I am used to living in a modern high rise apartment building in a central location.  Canary wharf modern properties seems similar to what I have been living in and enjoy.  However, I know that Canary Wharf properties might not be overly close to the train / tube and still takes approx 30mins to get into central london....more importantly its missing that london vibe that the more central suburbs have.   So my question for london experts is, what areas are more central that have been regenerated and now have more modern apartment complexes?  Or am I looking for something that doesnt exist?  Thanks :)

Hi and welcome to the Forum,

Canary Wharf was built in a redevelopment of what was the London docks in the east-end of London; it's 20 minutes via the DLR into the centre of London.  I can't think of anything remotely like it further in, although there may be something south of the river (Lambeth, or Southwark).

Whatever, Canary Wharf is not cheap and the further towards the centre you move, it goes from more expensive, to the ludicrously expensive, so I'm assuming you have a lot of money to fund this lifestyle. :)

There is a mobile app called Movebubble that may help you find somewhere; you can access it via this link.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

I am not sure that you will find what you are looking for - depending on your budget of course.  I am also not sure whether there are many modern high rise developments close to central London, north of the Thames - there are some recent developments along the south bank of the Thames, but would this be close enough for you?

My sister has a 4th floor apartment which is next to the southern end of Regents Park and a walking distance to Oxford Street, but it is part of a 1960's high rise development (ex council) and although close to the 'action', certainly isn't modern!

Good luck in your search!

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