We need a WASTA

Hello everyone!

My boyfriend ans I have a hard situation about marrying in KSA.

Does anyone knows or can recommend us a wasta?


Your best bet is to ask around in your social circle especially Saudi's to see if anyone knows anyone in the right government department or has contacts in ancillary ministries.

By the very definition of wasta, it is not a "recommendation" as you ask for.  This is a contact or friend of someone who helps them out as a personal favour.  I doubt if people would recommend you to someone on a relatively anonymous forum without knowing you.

Yes, dear.

We have asked around our circle and no one is a wasta or knows a wast/contact in MOI. That is why may be for some money and good heart can help us!

Thanks for your response! Inshallah we will find a contact.

How old is your Saudi bf?

My Saudi boyfriend is 26, soon to be 27


The last time I checked the Gov rules mandate an age of 30 years and above.

That is so sad! :(

You can check again, rules might have changed. If your bf is Arabic, he can read online on Riyadh Governorate website

We have been checking recently :/ no changes yet

Hasn't changed.  And to be accurate, the man has to be 40 years of age.

We had a long discussion on this thread:


And interestingly, a Saudi citizen jumped in and said that it is very easy to get permission.  I highlighted the same wasta angle that you are pursuing now.  And it does seem that your experience validates the fact that it is difficult to get permission without wasta.

And I remembered that the guy offered to other posters, a contact who could help getting this done.  Read through the posts.

I appreciate your support through this and taking your time to show me where I can find more about this.

Thank you very much!

Que paso u in Riyadh Mexican?

No! I have never been in KSA, I live in Mexico

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