Work and study in Prague or Liberec

Good day guys

So after a sabbatical time, I decided I might*** want to go to study a college degree in Czech Republic, but I do have some questions.

I read that as long as it does not affect my studies I can find a job to help with the expenses, but I guess a little background/intro of my situation is in place before my question;

I'm a Mexican national, I speak English and Spanish and know basic Russian, and am starting with Czech(I find Russian is very similar to Czech), I'd say both english and spanish are native languages, but I know some people get a stroke when someone  says something like that lol

I work as an IT help desk agent in Mexico for a company from USA, and am about to get the A+ certificate, plus have 6+ years in the Tourism and Hospitality industry.

I earn well for my country, but bad for anywhere else, so I'm not rich, I will start saving money but I don't think I can save more than 110000 CZK, give or take, for my trip(Unless I want to start college after 30) so my hope is that I can help myself working in Czech Republic while I study. Now the question

How hard is it to find a job for a foreigner student? Do I have any hope at all to succeed? Do you have any recommendations?

***The might is because I was considering also Canada(Too expensive for my blood, but cold enough to be likable to me) Russia(Cheaper than MX, but, even though I love the place, I've read education is declining, medical services as well, and the salaries are really bad, IDK for sure, but that is what I read) and Norway(Free education while studying in Bokmal(Or any other Norwegian variant) But as far as I heard extremely expensive to live and my 100,000 MXN pretended budget would do me no good there at all)

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