Looking for a Korean business partner

My my names are Tete sim am looking a Korean English speaking person to partner with in electronic export. If you are interested send me a message to discuss further. Thank you

Hi Koafrica,

I invite you to post your search in the Business partners in South Korea section, it might help you.


Expat.com team  :cheers:

Thank you for the invitation.


I am in similar situation, although I do not necessarily need a Korean partner.  With a Korean business partner, however, you have someone who can help you with the bureaucracy because you partner speaks the local language. Until about 18 months ago, there was a large group that met on a monthly basis in which expats and Koreans could regularly partner.  The group ceased to exist about a year ago, when COEX raised the room rate where the group normally met and then the organizers lost their main sponsor.  There are several meetups, which play somewhat of a similar role, but they are not sufficiently similar to what we had beforehand.

Most expats are either tied to a Korean employer and their visas restrict them when they would normally set up a business.  Otherwise, their visas and their natural inclinations would be to stay in the teaching arena and not set up any sort of enterprise.  In general, you can set up an enterprise if you have F2, F4, F5, and F6 visas or might be able to it under some D class visas.  The F3 visa would let you do it, as long as clients are not Koreans, because technically you would not be able to market to Koreans.


Hi my name is Daniel

Are you still looking for the korean partner? if you are please let me know

Thank you

Daniel lee


I am ready for this partnership with You. You can surely contact me anytime at the given number i.e ***

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Hello my name is Taylor Williams I am not Korean

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