Permanent Residence through a Brazilian Child and Working in Brazil

I am currently working on getting a permanent residence VISA (via a Brazilian child). Once I get this VISA will I be authorized to work in Brazil. If not, what is further required to be able to work in Brazil. Thanks in advance for help answering this question.



Once you apply for permanency you will be able to get a work permit.



Thank you for your prompt reply. What is the timeline/process for getting the work permit? Is it different than a work VISA? And am I required to have a company sponsor me prior to applying?

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You can get the work permit without a job sponsor.

The following documents are required:

Alien Identity Card;
Individual Registry (CPF);
Proof of residence with zip code.


Jake, I got my residence permanency, therefore the right to work the very same day I applied at the federal police. If your documents are all correct they will stamp your passport right there and then.

Afterwards you can apply for jobs and with a job offer head to the Secretaria Regional de Trabalho in the state you are living to apply for a Carteira de Trabalho e Previdência Social. You can also collect this Carteira without a job offer you may just have to wait longer for an appointment.

In the meantime, your documents will be sent off to the government to create your Brazilian identity, Carteira de Identidade de Estrangeiro (CIE). Side note: I never received my CIE because the Federal police lost my documents...! Though, I've never had a problem with getting a job or entering the country because I kept the Protocol SINCRE and the stamp in my passport.


You need to press the PF for the CIE. You are legally required to carry it or a certified copy of it .


Thanks guys!!!!

Super helpful

Thanks Jim, I will try my best to get it off them!

Hi guys, thanks for the great work you do here helping us all.

I moved here a few months ago and have a brazilian child. I was going to leave to go back home but have been advised to ensure I complete the residency process before I leave. Based on the new laws what do I need to do to achieve this.

thankful for your kind assistance


If you have already submitted your papers for permanent residency, have your "Protocolo", and are just waiting for your CRNM (former CIE/RNE), it's safe to make brief trips on your Protocolo if you have to, especially if you plan to be back before your CRNM is issued. 
If you haven't submitted your paperwork yet, leaving the country is risky:  there's no guarantee that you'll be able to get a visa to return, at least in a timely manner.
Since you say that you plan to "go back home", that sounds like an extended absence from Brazil.  In that case, you should definitely wait to receive your CRNM before you leave, if at all possible.

Thank you Abthree. I wasn't able to submit because the site seems to be down, it does not allow me to book the appointment. Any advice on how to proceed? My last legal day in the country is Tuesday, any advice?


So, you've submitted nothing as of yet?  Do you at least have your child's Brazilian birth certificate?
Leaving Brazilian bureaucratic matters to the last minute is a serious mistake, but that's apparently water under the bridge now.  And today is a national holiday, so if the system is down, nobody will be doing anything about it, probably until Monday.
Your options now are extremely limited.  All I can think to suggest is to take your child's birth certificate and your papers to the Federal Police office on Monday, explain that you've been trying to apply for permanent residency based on having a Brazilian child, and ask them what to do.  I hope that they'll give you an extension to get your paperwork in, but it's equally possible that they'll tell you that you have to leave when your visa expires.
And, it should be unnecessary to point out, but better safe than sorry:  this conversation is NOT the time to bring up your travel plans with the Federal Police.  If you tell them that you're in a hurry to leave Brazil, chances are good that they'll expedite your departure.

Thanks again for all the advice.

I have sorted out all the child's documentation and was ready to leave last week but was advised to try to sort out our own documents as we are eligible to the RNE and it will be better than having to apply for a visa whenever we decide to come here permanently. I was advised that its better to get this sorted and going forward try to come back at least once every two years. What would you advise?

If you and your wife obtain CRNMs (former CIE/RNE), they will be canceled if you are out of Brazil for longer than two years without prior approval from the Federal Police, so to keep them, you have to come back at least a little more often than every two years anyway.
If your child's documentation is straight, that's a big plus.  Your best bet is probably to not overstay your visa this time, to bring all of your permanency paperwork with you the next time you come to Brazil, and to apply ASAP after you arrive.

Hello Abthree, thanks for all the help again.
Do you know if the PF have an expedited process or if the would attend to me with my documents in hand? or alternatively if there is a smaller town near sao paulo where i can walk in and submit?
Also since my child is Brazilian would i still find it difficult to get another visa to come here?
Thanks a million

Elisud. If you comb through the forum posts there are a few members who have voiced there experience on challenges they faced when trying to receive another visa for Brazil.


I live in Manaus, at the other end of the country, and am not familiar enough with the SP metro area to advise you reliably on alternate locations.
I don't want to overly alarm you, but others who left Brazil without having resolved their legal status have had and are having difficulty being readmitted.  In the short time you have left, your focus needs to be on getting some kind of recognition from the Federal Police without overstaying your visa.  Overstaying now without permission definitely can affect your ability to return.

Based on your advice, I will go to the PF tomorrow and hope for the best outcome whilst preparing to leave on Tuesday night if nothing can be done. If you find out any other alternative please let me know.
Can I apply for the CRNM from the embassy in London or in Nigeria later on?

elisud :

Based on your advice, I will go to the PF tomorrow and hope for the best outcome whilst preparing to leave on Tuesday night if nothing can be done. If you find out any other alternative please let me know.
Can I apply for the CRNM from the embassy in London or in Nigeria later on?

No, you can only apply for that with the Federal Police in Brazil.  The visa you will apply for to return is the VITEM XI, the temporary visa for family reunion.  It requires some of the same documents, and its purpose is to get you back into the country to complete the RNM process.

Good luck!

Hello Abthree,

Thanks for all the help from you and everyone else.

So I got an appointment to go to the PF on Monday. I was assured that the overstay wont be an issue to resolve.
I was also told that they no longer stamp passports with the resident stamp but give you a print out (Protocol). I would like to know if I can still travel with this and how would I come back?

Any advice?

Fantastic - congratulations!

My understanding is that the Protocolo is valid for six months, and you are allowed to travel on it.  You should confirm this with the Federal Police when you meet with them,  however.

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