Can I get a work permit in Cambodia if I have hepatitis B?

Hi, all, I am planning  to work in Cambodia. I am wondering is I will be able to get a work permit in Cambodia if I have hepatitis B? any reply will be appreciated!

A good question that unfortunately cannot be answered.

Medical checks are a part of the work permit application. Some! also take blood to check but if you ask what they check for you get no answer. Also the med checks are different, some do eye test, some not.

In any case you have to answer questions about your medical history, like operations and diseases. So if you know you have Hepatitis you have to tell them, otherwise you're lying and that is not allowed understandably.

How they judge having Hepatitis being of influence of your work permit is not known.

Sorry to not be able to give a clear answer.

Cambodia expert team

It is a good question.I will try to get some infos for you about this case.

Hi, Joe, thank you very much for your detailed reply. I really appreciate your kind help. I will check more information on the internet and try to get an answer. If I am in Cambodia and find that I can't get a work permit, that would be very troublesome. So I am going to do my best to find the answer.
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Hello, Kenny, thank you very much for your kindness. If you find out anything, please let me know. I really appreciate your help

Hello Joe,
   I figured I'd tag on here, it never occurred to me that there might be an medical examination.  I'm still learning.  Do you know what conditions they are looking for?  I have epilepsy but only recently so I'm not used to thinking about stuff like this.

Thank you,

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