Parenting in Saudi Arabia

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Being a parent can be challenging, and even more so when moving abroad, but it can also be an enriching experience. Tell us more below about your role as a parent in Saudi Arabia.

How are you experiencing your parental role in your new home? Has your move abroad changed anything in your parental perspective or approach?

On a professional level, have you been able to balance your family life and career? How so? Tell us about the benefits that parents can enjoy in Saudi Arabia, such as maternity leave, etc.?

How do you deal with being a parent as an expat, without the support of your extended family in the country?

Do you have any advice on how to introduce the culture in your new country to your children, while maintaining the traditions and customs of your home country?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Any foreigner should not be in saudia its not that plat firm where a person should stand by leaving its own home country it not a country of that kind here is no benefit

As an expat you sometimes live in countriea in cities where you dont necessarily bring your family along. Due to difficulties to adapt, cultural differences, and simply not beinf used to the culture and environment. Being seperate and managing balancing that can be difficıiult sometimes. Going once in a while home, or as often as possible is just a small solution since its always limited. Video calls etc are other options. But communication is the most important when separated. Parenting isnt working for you when abroad, your other half takes care of it. You just make sure its worth being separated, which is hard to compensate. Moving together is sometimes anothet solution when the location is right.

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Hi frnds, 
Saudi Arabia. good not only for the earnings money but it's nice place where u can enjoy the hiking and make new friends. ..

Just hiking? that's it?


it is great for asking so many things.looking for the comments is every person thinking and it is in his personal perceptive.

saudi arabia

it is the safest country in world , we talk about europ or America i mean the developed countries but they are not safe as saudia arabai.

living here with family depends on your culture  , in case if you are a Muslim then it is the best country for you along with your family.
in case if you are a non Muslim even though there is no problem at all , but you had to respect the local rules.

it is very strange that sometimes peoples complains abut the rules here , but this is every where you had to respect the rules.

with family the most difficulties are children education , what ever institute you put them it is quite challenging to prepare them for today competitive environment.

additionally in the present situation moving to saudia arabia is not fine due to the issues and the national strategies so i will not recomaned to move to saudi arabia in the present situation.


It's a great thing to be a parent. but here in saudi arabia I'm sure you can handle it alone when your child less than 4 years old as well as you can divide your time perfectly but is not a good idea to let him/her raise in saudi arabia without your big family. Good luck

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Is there any home schooling options in Jubail region?

Hi im new here n desperate for answers im marrued with 2 beautiful kids but im not happy with my hysband he have alot of gurls n i wanted a divirxe byt according to him uf we wull b divirce he will take my kids away wat i want to know is that how can i take .y kids under my kafala

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