calling Spouse from India to Belgium

Dear Friends,

I'm travelling to Belgium on  28th of July 2018 from India. I got offer from one of Belgian company for the unlimited period of contract.
I'm getting marry in Dec 2018. So I want bring my spouse in Belgium. So questions are:
1. Is there any rule to that you have to spend 6 months or 12 months  in Belgium or in company before calling your wife?
2. Is there any minimum fund needs to be show before calling my spouse in Belgium? If yes, then how much?

Please guide. your swift response will be highly appreciated.

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Thanks Aneeshks for the links.
It is very informative.
Few more questions, need your help please.

1. As you mentioned that Visa is just to enter the European countries and then you will get resident permit. So do I need to apply for the RP separately or automatically  company/Gov will provide due long term stay with unlimited contract ?

2. If I'll call my wife in Belgium, how much time this process would take?

3. Do you have idea of some cheaper flats outside the Brussels city?
To be more precise, in 10 km diameter of Schaerbeek.

Once again, Many Thanks.

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Interestingly enough, all these questions are answered in those threads :)  and also others tht you can find in

For accommodation, is the best resource.

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