UK Property - Mortgage - Double Taxation

Any UK expats here who have experience of buying a property in the UK, after living in Belgium for 5 or more years, and have a second to share their specific knowledge about it: difficulties getting mortgage for buy-to-let, double taxation, and so on?

(To be clear, I'm not one of those people who buy-to-let and charge astronomical rents, causing housing problems in the SE... it's a family home in the north of scotland).

From what I am aware of they are becoming tough on Buy to let. It doesn't matter where you live in or out of the UK.

Yes, from what I have read, the stamp duty rate can be higher. I think, to obtain the mortgage, you're expected to have a larger deposit available. But I'm getting conflicting answers as to whether there are more or fewer mortgages available to overseas applicants. But, yes, I also read that the regulation is tightening - but not sure yet what that means, concretely.

As far as I'm aware, you won't get a standard high-street mortgage if you're non-UK resident; my advice is to look for a mortgage broker who will know of other finance sources and unlike me, know what he's talking about. :)

Yes, there seem to be expat-type mortgage structures, or even bespoke ones for the individual situation.

Well the complexity for me is that I would share the mortgage with my brother who already has a mortgage on his own house in the UK. And I'm not a salaried employee here in Belgium, I'm self employed.

According to the european commission website, any income from rent, up to 11k, is taxed at 25%.

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