Is having a US diploma really better than a UK degree?

Hi everyone,
This forum looks amazing and as I am looking into doing my Master in a US university I wanted to hear your opinion on an option I have set my heart on. I have been looking for a good program for over 8 months now and my attention landed on this university - Hult International Business School ( … ess-school). I am most interested in it as it has a campuses in three different countries and I can take courses in any of them (London will be the one I will be attending mostly, but diploma will cover all). As the costs are quite out there I was wondering what is your opinion of the school - I did meet with a representative and they did mention a few options for scholarships, but if I do not land one I want to be sure this is truly worth my time and money. As I have no friends or family in US (living in Europe) I was hoping you may be able to advise on whether this is worth it - Master programs in UK are much cheaper and I was wondering if it is worth investing in a US education. Note that I see this option as a gate to relocating to USA one day (may be) and would like to know if the US Employer will be more interested in a candidate with a US diploma than a UK diploma?
Thanks in advance!

I would suggest reading as many reviews as possible about Hult. The article below doesn't seem impressed with it and there are some very negative statements in the comment section in addition to hinting that the positive comments may have been written by faculty, etc. … -a-pariah/
Reviews are tricky because you never know if they are paid, fake, or real.

It seems that, in general, American employers prefer candidates with a degree from an American university for several reasons. It would probably just depend on the company culture and the person who is reading your resume. I don't think that there's one definitive answer.

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