Black Spanish Greyhound - 3months old

Hi there, I m looking for a family for my puppy. I m moving out of China,any family would like to house the little one, let me know.

The puppy are very child-friendly, obdient, very sporty. The puppy costed me 6500 rmb, I took him to pet clinic and did a through check for him (costed another 2000rmb). if anyone are interested in taking care of the little lovely thing, please texted me before the end of this week. 4000rmb we can make the deal.

I don’t know how to add picture of my puppy here, anyone interested, please add me wechat ***
The little dog is very handsome and healthy!

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Can you please drop an advert in the appropriate section of the website ?

- Pets for sale or adoption in China

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