Travel Times around Jakarta

Whilst I am first to bemoan the travelling times in Indonesia I should also acknowledge that I have seen some (not much) but some improvement in travel times.

Out in Pancoran there has been extensive infrastructure building and some of it has finished now and that's good news although there is still a load more go to go.

Firstly the new bus route from Tendean finished but this has left a bottle next outside the TransTV studios and is annoying all the time but once past it then the traffic flow like it normally does, badly, either up to Santa or into Mampang.
Then the flyover at Tugu Pancoran finished opening a lane again and the fly over reduced the traffic times there by half.
Now the underpass at Mampang to Kuninghan is open and that is a blessing as it makes getting from Kuninghan to my home faster than ever before but the traffic still exists.
Finally the LRT from the east continues to march toward Kuninghan will ultimately meet up outside the Hungarian embassy and this is causing still far too many traffic queues and increased waiting times but where this work has been finished roads are being widened.

That's a lot of building and things are looking better again.

I travel to Alam Sutera a lot and that takes about 40 minutes to get there and about an hour to get home and also to Cengkareng where it can take an hour (due to the distance) to get to and then up to 2 hours to get back depending on traffic on Dann Mogot and then the toll. The toll is normally clear until Tomang then it depends on Cawang how stacked up it will be, and so the trip to Pancoran can seem to take forever.
Riding out from Kebon Jeruk back to Pancoran I am now taking a longer route via Kuninghan as I can be in Thamrin within 20 minutes and with the new underpass at my gate 20 minutes later. The shorter route around Blok M takes 50 minutes.

For bus users the amount of buses Transjakarta uses has increased dramatically so much so they do actually come in 3s. The magic trick to this is don't get on the first one as that one is always full, rather take the next one as it will always be emptier or wait for the last one and more often than not, you get a seat.
The routes have exploded everywhere and a decent map can be found at some bus stops but not all however its still 3,5k to go everywhere and the conductors tell you the routes and its not that hard really.
Trains have just become worse, mainly due to the odd/even issue and the airport train taking up track time and again more infrastructure being added getting on an emptyish train is almost impossible.

With the Asian Games coming, things will get worse I am sure and with the uncertainty that the MRT will be running then the traffic issues whilst decreasing will still continue to plague me for a while yet.

Great first thread Luke. Appreciate the effort you have put into it. It will come in very handy I am sure.

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