what utility bills should i expect to pay when renting in seattle

what utility bills should i expect to pay when renting in seattle
what car insurance should i expect to pay on ford focus or similar

Utilities - depends on your rental agreement
Car insurance - depends on your carrier, make/model/age of. Eh I e, driving history, parking ,...

Most people have to pay for (I'll avg it out based on a nice apt/avg home):

electricity  (the climate here keeps costs lower in the Summer, higher in the Winter) $2200/yr
water      $50/mo
sewer      $40/mo
garbage   $25/mo
telephone  (cell - $40/mo per line, if you have internet you can get a Magic Jack and pay $40/yr all calls free, otherwise a house phone is around $50/mo)
internet  $80/mo
cable     $100/mo    (you can usually get cable and internet for $140/mo bundled 100mps/240 channels of sh*t to choose from)
renter's insurance  $30/mo
healthcare  (if not covered by employer, you and wifey several hundred to many hundred depending on income)

Depending on what your are renting, you could also have to pay for parking, and/or a garage/storage.

Seattle is bulging at the seams with people.  Gas is also more expensive than most states.  I filled up yesterday at $3.15g for reg (87 octane).  Premium was $3.60g.

I live in Southern WA and we have some of the lowest electricity prices in the country $.08/kw, and I expect Seattle to be about the same. 

I had a similar car to your Focus and in my 40's with a perfect driving record I paid about $800/yr for full coverage (highly recommended).  I also HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting an umbrella policy.  They are pretty cheap at around $200/yr for $1M+.  It's very easy to hit your regular car insurance's policy limits here, and YOU are responsible for anything over.  Smart money.

Does that help?

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