house keeper

Hi my name is matthew i have lived in Amman for 1.5 years.

I have an excellent house keeper that i am trying to help find work after i leave jordan on may1st.

She wishes to work for another american family. She is from ethiopia and speaks perfect english and has 4 years experience as a house maid. Professional attitude and a very pleasent young lady to employ.

If anyone is interested please make contact with me and i will qualify the communication.

Weclone on board  :cheers:

As it is against the policy of this site to advertise on a public forum, I suggest that you add a free ad on the more appropriate section which is placed above the page. It's called the handy tools. You can give your phone number or any other personal details so members can contact you easily.

Oh great! Thanks for the heads up, just thought you could not post personal info and costs. My bad, later!

Funny how you try to help someone out and its a site policy to not advertise, yet I have been a member less than 10 hours and I am bombarded with nothing but pop-up avertising interupting my time while trying to navigate around. going to re_think this subscription. should have waited until I left Jordan to cancel with Internations.

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