Looking for a paid assistance in buying a car and trailer caravan

Hello all :)

I'm coming to Berlin in the end of the month with a purpose of purchasing a car and a caravan.

I'm a Bulgarian resident and I need someone local who have the knowledge to help me out with finding the right deal for me, checking the vehicles, negotiating, buying, registering and exporting them.

Does anyone here know anyone who provide this kind of service and can recommend?

Thanks a lot!

There are lots of car dealers with import/export services that you could engage.
You can find them in the yellow pages, or by using Google, or look at the name card ads theye companies put on your car almost every day.

Thanks for your reply. But should I trust the dealers themselves? If they're the ones who sells me the car, will they be objective about it?

Of course you have to judge for yourself whom you trust and whom not.
The dealers at least know the import/export formalities and have cars. Anybody you find through the Internet might not.

Well that's a good place to start. Although I would be happy to find a professional to accompany me in this project. I'm sure it'll return the cost with a better deal. 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts

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