looking for visa sponsored openings

Aussie Intending to move to Indonesia.  I have used linkedin, and a few sites but nothing concrete from the past 4 months of searching.  I have 18years Finance, Governance, Compliance etc. experience plus a MSc, Economics BSc and governance professional.

Is there anyone on this platform
- who has actually migrated as a foreigner and legally secured a decent job? How did you actually do it?
- Anyone who has any real contacts that could be of assistance?
- whos aware of any Aussie companies looking for employees to work in Indonesia?

My best friend in the UK has got two MA's, an MBA and a PhD. He would love to move to Australia but he doesn't qualify. He's mad about surfing too.

The only expats I know who have worked or are working in Indonesia all applied for their jobs from outside the country. They were usually appointed to run foreign companies that had a presence in Indonesia. That's your best chance too unless you want to become an English teacher, but I fear that you may be under-qualified for that job.

Sorry I cannot help you. We have two designated Experts in this forum who will hopefully point you in the right direction.

Good luck.

Thanks for the response.

Indonesia is actually a very difficult country to find a job mainly due to their protectionist policies. You would find it a lot easier finding a job is Singapore or Malaysia by contacting some of the big management consultants and head hunting firms.

Thanks for the response.  I am considering the countries mentioned too.

You haven't stated what job you would like to have here. There are any Australian and other international companies here but as already stated they hire from out Indonesia and transfer them in.

Indonesia isn't an easy place to find work unless you are sponsored from outside.

If you look at Job Street or Jobs DB then you might find something you are looking for.

I have contacted a few of the headhunting companies who also do not appear enthusiastic or encouraging.  I was hoping someone who has been in my shoes before will provide the exact route they took

I am a certified governance professional with a Msc Corpotrate Governance, Bsc Financial Economics who will consider managerial or Assistant managerial positions or any suitable visa sponsored position to facilitate my move.  My wife is also a MSc Public Health and Bsc Pharmacology degree holder with recent experience teaching and working in the special needs space.

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