Hi..i have a question an its bothering me since last working as housemaid here in kuwait and planning to go dubai as tourist there any problem if i go and no question ask at the immigration here and dubai?do i need letter from my employer or 2 way ticket?my contract will end this july and visa  in kuwait as well...please i need an advice before my cousin gey dubai visa for me..thank u

No one giving me an advice😌😌

Again as I said on another thread, wait after posting for people to be able to read and respond.  Have a little patience.

I don't know about Kuwait exit requirements but if you are granted a tourist visa for Dubai, there is no issue with entry.  A tourist visa is not linked to your profession like a GCC visitor visa is.

In brief your sponsor should accompany you to the airport till you stamp exit passport and your Kuwaiti residency should be valid for 3 months a minimum, I have doubt that you can the tourist visa of Dubai because of your designation .... but try why NOT?


She can get a tourist visa to Dubai.  That is issued based on passport only and not GCC residency or profession.  I used to get that for my housemaid through a UAE travel agency or Emirates when we went from Bahrain to Dubai as she was not on my sponsorship then and had the profession of housemaid. 

Costs more i.e. around 400+ AED vs. 240 or so for a GCC resident visa.

Hi...i can go alone wd out my sponsor right? Do i need any letter from my sponsor?is the immigration will ask me such questions? X tang sir, ur reply will help me sir..

As I said, in Dubai, you don't need sponsor to accompany you at arrival if you have a "TOURIST" visa.   On exiting Kuwait, HR recruitment has already given you the update.

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