Question for Realtors or Seasoned Panama Expats

I am looking at southwestern Chiriqui to purchase property.  For a small 432 square foot 1br / 1ba house with about .75 acre what price tag am I looking at.  Will it be possible to find anything under 35k there?  I have visited the areas of interest but found no for sale / se vende signs. 
Help. Thanx

It is recommended that you live in an area for at least 6-12 months before you buy anything. You may make different decisions after you are familiar with an area. Also, Panama tends to run on relationships and having local contacts will make it much easier to find properties for sale and get them at a fair price. I know a good realtor, Eduardo, riochiriqui (at) gmail (dot) com. He works mainly in David, Boquete and Volcán areas but he’s a good man to know for many things and gives sensible advice.


WHY BUY!  I really think that most expats are dumb enough to think they need to continue living as they have in another country.
#1. If your retired, why commit yourself and your finances in a forien country?  Sit back and enjoy your retirement by renting a home and placing your funds where they will be redily available and possibly even earning additional value or income. 
#2. Quite often your first choice of a place to live is less than ideal especially when medical care is required and physical health limits your abilities.
#3. Buying a home in Panama is a big hassel and selling is also.  Far two many Gringos have homes they can't sell when they want to and find themselves anchored to a place they no longer want.

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