Status change from work permit to dependent

My work permit expires in April and it is died with an Indian RP expires in present I am in India and want to bring my new born kid to belgium...I am trying for his Visa using my RP...
My question is if visa approved, can I travel to Belgium and apply for status change as dependent on my husband who is in valid work permit. Should I apply RP extension and statuschange before my WP expires OR RP expires ??? Kindly help to know if ican travel by May..many thanks for any quick advise

Can someone please help to know the procedure ... Before WP or RP expires should I apply for dependent change ?

Your description of the problem is a bit confusing.

I understand this:
-> Your husband is working in Belgium on a WP + RP.
-> You were also working here (on your WP with the Indian employer + RP) and you went to India to give birth to your baby.
-> You both (you and your baby) would like to come back to Belgium to join your husband, but you will not be working anymore so you want to be his dependent.

Correct ?

Hi Sir,
Yes exactly. I am going to apply for my son visa next week using my RP valid till July 27(meanwhile my WP expires in April 24)..Will they accept this kind of visa request from here (India)...

If I get visa, can I apply dependent change on my husband after coming to Belgium (for me and son )??

Many thanks for getting  back.

Right now, in Belgium, you and your husband are registered in the same household ? and you are registered as his spouse in the household ?

Yes I think.... Could you please provide ur no and when you are free  ,  can i ask my husband to discuss with you? new born kid is our second baby...first boy (3Years) has same as of my RP end date and he will also need to be converted as dependent to my husband after going Belgium......sorry for more our case is different,confusing.....
Many thanks

I can raise for a fresh dependent visa for myself and two kids....but it will be for long wait I am trying to see if RP of mine can be used and renewed  as dependent...I will not be able to work....

Could you please provide ur no and when you are free -> I prefer answering here.

This is how I see the way forward (keep in mind that we - contributors in this forum - share ideas or suggestions based on our experiences or previous discussions. For critical matters, always consult competent authorities) :

For you and your first child: If you want to register as dependents of your husband, and renew your RPs in Belgium as dependents of your husband, you both must physically be here at least a month or so before expiry of the RPs (preferably soon after expiry of your WP). Also, keep in mind that your renewal will be done following your husbands RP renewal for the next renewal cycle. if you cannot be in Belgium for this, then the only option is to ask for a fresh dependent visa for both of you.

For your second child: He needs to get a visa as you figured already. His visa can be applied now as a dependent of his father (and of course with your credentials too). it nowadays take a long time for processing. So expect 4-5 months time for a decision.

This is what I think. Now, which is the right option to chose and the logistics around all this - you will figure out. And, in addition to collecting inputs here, do also check with the commune by presenting your situation, get their guidance. If the matter turns too complicated, consult an immigration lawyer.

Thank you for your has been really helpful.I need to take my second son also along with me to you say processing time will be 4 months ,by that time my RP will expire. So I need to rethink....
One more  last query sir...
Can I apply for a fresh WP after going to  Belgium and before RP expires in July and then renew RP? How many days before should I receive my new WP for renewal of RP ? Because extension of my current WP(24th April) is not possible as I will reach blgium by mid of may I correct ?

If you want to get a new WP (if it is type B, only your employer can apply for you), you need to apply before the current one expires. And now there is very high waiting time for WP approval too.

Yeah, rethink and let us know if you have specific questions.

OK, my employer can not apply a new WP before current WP expiry...Employer can apply  for new WP after I come to Belgium say may end..I must receive new WP before expiry of RP or any specific no of days before RP expires ? In case WP approval done after RP expires, do they accept of renewal of RP or I have to return back india?

You have to receive your new WP (at least a day) before your RP expires, in order to use the new WP to renew your RP. It that will not be the case, you may have to return to India before your RP expires, and then apply for a new visa based on your new WP, or as your husbands dependent.

I hear that Belgium is planning to make the WP and RP into one integrated document, but I don't know from when.

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