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hi, im currently here in Singapore, i just finished my 6 months contract as a performing artiste, and my pass is already canceld by my employer, what i have now i special pass that i have to use to exit singapore tomorrow monday, 16april2018i took this job to look for possible permanent job as Spass while working as PF, i am a graduate of 4 year Course bachelor of Science in Computer science, and have total of 6 years experience as assistant manager in mcdonalds in Dubai. with Food handler Essential cerificate.fortunately, one big Company key In me as a food service executive and now my application is pending:
my question is:
1. if im recently work as PF would it effect my application go thru rejection?
2. what are the chances of Spass aproval.?i tried to use SAT online, and it says that if  candidate pass the SAT there is 90%possibilty of approval.)

Your education, work experience in Dubai and work experience in Singapore have absolutely no resemblance to each other (however the present company who offered you a job here is belongs to same F&B industry like McDonald’s). Getting a work pass is tougher day by day, so it’s hard to say if you will get a S pass. SAT is tool to tell you whether you are eligible to apply S pass or EP or Both but has NO guarantee that your application would be successful ( as you claimed 90% chances of successful). Good luck

Since your current pass expires tomorrow, you should leave the country and wait for the result of your work pass application abroad.
Overstaying will remove any chance you have for getting approved!

yes beppi actually my special pass is until on 17th, but i will go back tomorrow 16th to avoid overstay. and my new employer also advise me to follow what is stated on my special pass that i have to exit at changi airport. they advise me to follow ICA and Singapore rules to avoid bad results to my application. usually now, how long it will take to get a Spass approval? because my friend same employer,  HR officer Key in her last March 1,2017 and get an approval by March 6 2017,.

Each application goes through its own merits and case by case basis. If your friend got a result in one week doesn’t mean that you will get in one week. Have patience and good luck

ok thank you ..😊

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