I am here in germany on familien visum .I did my master in political science in I want to do my master in business management or in any other suitable degree to progress further in german growing industry.i don't know what's the procedure to get admission here in germany I live in bremen any one please guide me.i will be thankful to u

You sent the same to me (and possibly others?) as private message, and I replied there first.
Please avoid double posting, as it incurs double effort on the part of our (volunteer) helpers an thus leads to frustration.
In addition, your questions was discussed (and answered well) several times before on this forum - AND the information you ask for can be found with a simple Google search as well. If you are unable or -willing to do your own research, you will not succeed in Germany!

Beppi, in future, delete such posts. It wastes everyone's time!

The post itself, although showing ineptitude (“please guide me” is a typical phrase by clueless subcontinentals), isn’t a problem. But the fact that he also bothers me and maybe others with his PM shown a certain arrogance (“I have the right for this information, anf fast!!)”, which I specifically dislike.
In any case, like all the similar lost cases, he will probably vanish from the forum all by himself. Not a loss!

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