Expat in Belgium - Register and Tax

Hi everyone,

I've just joined the community hoping to find someone with good knowledge who can give some nice and realistic advise on how to deal with the below mentioned formalities.

As far as I understand, for every single person coming to Belgium territory and willing to stay for a period longer than 3 months, registration at the commune is mandatory.

As a consequence, once one is registered he becomes eligible to pay taxes according to the Belgium tax system. (Social Security + Income Taxes)

There are however some exceptions which may apply, for instance people in secondment (detachment/posted worker).

Now, me, as Portuguese citizen who has been sent to Belgium by his company to work in Belgium territory for 150 days per year, during 2 years, I have the following questions:

1 - Can I register at the commune if I'm living in a hotel /airbnb?
(considering I'm travelling every weekend and moving from one accommodation to another quite frequently, I would say it's even hard to understand on which commune should I register)

2 - Following to one phone call with Brussels Commune (1000) services, I realised handling the process in English will probably be impossible or a nightmare. Does anyone know if the communes provide a service for non French/Flemish speakers?

3 - For taxing purposes, I understand I can apply for a non-resident status (as my economic centre of interest remains in Portugal - family, house, business,...).
Is this non-resident request done at the commune during the registration process or later on when I receive my Belgium Tax declaration to fill?

Thanks in advance for any help you might provide. If not, at least for the time you spent reading all this. :)

All the best

https://www.google.be/amp/s/europa.eu/y … amp_pt.htm

You don't need to register.

Hi Phipiemar,
Many thanks for the prompt reply.

Are you sure about that or it is your understanding based on the link you've provided?

Indeed I have exactly the same understanding as you (don't need to register) however at the brussels commune website they state that every person coming to Belgium need to register somehow.

If for less than 3 months its on one way, if for longer it's another.

Im afraid it's a complex topic with possibility for different interpretations of the law.

If someone else has another opinion or some tips, please feel free to share.

Kind regards

Eu tenho certeza. Não faça isso. Porque neste caso, você deve pagar os impostos belgas. E é para chorar ...

Don't do that. Except if you want to pay taxes in Belgium...

Hi again phipiemar,

Esse é o problema ;)
O acto de registar, por si só, não seria um grande problema. A questão é exatamente o que acabou de referir.

O que me falta resolver é o facto da empresa à qual estou "emprestado" me estar a exigir o ID belga ou uma justificaçao válida para não o têr.

Veremos se o argumento dos 183 dias de permanencia é suficiente.

Many thanks once again.

All the best,

Not knowing your sector of activity, it is difficult for me to give you a definitive opinion.

Eu trabalhei e vivi por três anos sem me registrar oficialmente em um país europeu. Enquanto não está registrado na Bélgica ... Sempre há truques ...

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