Planning to visit Jakarta, guidance please.

Will be planning to visit Jakarta and try my luck to find a job. I'm a media professional, can anyone suggest me any area or some tips on how I can approach to increase my possibility of getting to visit any of the Media houses. Any specific area or any suggestions or tips of any kind, even with stay or job hunting.

Want to totally relocate in Indonesia, permanently. Please suggest anything.

Thanks in advance for your help.

You need to plan before you visit, that probably starting with emails to as many media outlets as you can find.
Search for English language TV or radio and see what happens.
You could also consider foreign companies such as the BBC or CNN.

Thank you Fred,

Like you suggested earlier, alredy i have started to shoot out emails and applications. Will have to plan properly so as to utilise every moment there.
Sure do want to meet some Indians reciding there and get to know them and about things around there.
I'm way too serious about relocation.

Thank you again for your help as you always do.

I know there are Indians working in and around Jakarta and there's a notable Indian derived community in the city.
Good luck in your search.

Welcome to Indonesia and wishing you all the best in your future endeavors in this lovely country.

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