Anyone needing contract / legal / real estate / paperwork services??

I have an attorney who is awesome. She has very broad background legal here in Cali Colombia. Prices are much less than USA and she / they are highly accredited. I am promoting them because it was so hard to get information and I think people will value their services. I am American with background in Construction and real estate and restaurant / resort management and property management of 25+ years. I could almost practice law and have an MBA from a major US college. I need legal assistance often and greatly value these people.

If you are in a super rush, they might not be able to help due to workload but if you have some extra time you will be very happy.

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PS I also teach English, online. Chao.

Hi John,
Please forward my email to them.  ***
I will be moving near Cali later this year.  I need cooler weather, so I am looking to buy at slightly higher altitudes.  We may have narrowed down the search to Dagua or Dapa on my last visit, but would love to hear other opinions on what is safe, comfortable, etc.
I understand there are complexities to moving money, clearing title, etc., so I am wide open to good advice!
I am married to my wonderful Colombian wife.  I need legal advice on the best visa for her to visit the US with me.
Thanks in advance!  I look forward to speaking with your lawyer!

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Hi, I have a Colombian wife and she is trying to sell her house. I may need a good lawyer to help us. Thank you.

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