Connecting with expats in wenzhou

I am a Belgian music and drama teacher starting Aug 2018 in wenzhou
I like to get in touch with expats who are already having experience living and working in wenzhou.

Are you still in Wenzhou?
I will be there in a couple of days, and will stay there u til the end of May 2019


no I am in Zambia till July and than going to Bangladesh

My family is from Wenzhou. But, I only go up and visit once or twice a year. It's all too expensive for my tastes.

Hi everyone. Can somebody please advise? I think I've made a dreadful mistake. I've agreed to work for a school in Shanghai starting in August and signed a letter of agreement.. But I've since discovered that my 11 year old daughter won't be included in my health insurance policy. If the school refuses to budge on this, can I go back on my agreement? If not,  does anyone know of a health insurance company which is not too expensive and accepts monthly payments?

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