EP rejected - appeal chances?

Hi all, I’m a 25 year old US citizen. My company called me and told me that My EP was rejected for an unknown reason by MoM. i am hoping for them to appeal it. My salary negotiation was 3800/mo. Was it rejected likely due to the fact that I am young? Bad news is that I made the mistake of resigning before I figured this news out. I was playing around with the SAT tool and found that it said I am eligible for an E and s-pass if I was paid 4000/mo, where as the 3800/mo was only eligible for s-pass. My company told me they surpassed the quota for S-passes. Would it be appropriate to ask for a salary negotiation to raise my salary and higher my chances of a successful appeal?

This Job offer was from a start up diagnostic company.

Thanks everyone.

Not sure what prompt you to work at lower salary here where as for career progression, US is far better for youngsters like you.

Nevertheless, you didn’t mention your years of experiences in your career field and educational background. But, certainly your salary is not that encouraging to get EP (where the minimum salary cap for a fresher is $3600). If S pass quota is not available at your employer end, then they can’t apply for S pass either.

In recent times, MoM has upgraded its criteria up for all work passes. If your employer is appealing then make sure provide enough rationale to hike your salary or changing job description to cater MoM needs. But, chances are not looking great at present.

You should not resign from your existing employer till the time your EP approves (applied by new employer). Good luck

Hi Surya,

Thanks for the reply. I have 2 years of work experience at a major pharmaceutical company as a scientist. This role would be a great opportunity for me to grow more in the more business aspect of the diagnostic field. I attended a reputable university in my state (Illinois) and majored in Molecular and Cellular Biology.

Certainly your salary is very much at lower end and potentially could be the reason why the EP application was not successful. Try to find a new employer who can offer you in line with market standard. You may see what could be the present pay standard in the market by visiting smartasset.com or paycheckcity.com. Good luck

My company reassured me that they will try everything they can to make sure I can join their company. I am just hoping at this point. I am kind of stuck in a limbo area as I already resigned from my job and have a set place to live in Singapore already. What do you think the chances are for an appeal with a slightly higher salary?

You should aim for more than the minimum salary you need to be eligible for EP (S-Pass is seldom applicable for university graduates) - and the company must attach a convincing explanation why you are suddenly worth more to them (rejection of your application is not a good reason).
All this does NOT mean, however, that you get the pass for sure - there are many other possible reasoins for rejection (lack of working experience - usually 3 years are required - among them). But since biotech is a strategic industry here, you might have a chance.
I wonder how you can have a "set place to live" already? Without a residence visa, it is illegal to rent anything.

Hi Jyeez,
Was your appeal successful?

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