How long will my work pass (EP, S-Pass, WP) application take

My company applied for DP for my wife on 19 Dec 2018. Status is pending since then. I heard generally it takes couple of weeks to upto 2 weeks to get the approval. Since I haven't received it yet does that mean something is wrong with the application? Salary criteria is of 6K is being met. - Thanks

Nothing wrong, it just takes longer. Be patient!
If it is getting urgent, your employer can reach out to MoM about it.

Thanks, Beppi. Really appreciate your response. In that case, I will continue to wait patiently for couple of more weeks before requesting the HR team to reach out to MoM. No point in bothering MoM team also as they must be processing requests as quickly as they can - Regards

Morning Guys,

Took a bit of time but DP is approved now. Thanks, beppi and Surya for the bringing the calmness here. Have a great day ahead.


Just to update. My EP is finally approved.
Date of application: 20-Nov-2018
Date of approval: 16-Jan-2019.

Close to 2 months wait. During the approval process, MOM has stated that they require inputs from other agencies to process my application. I was told that means they are doing some background check such as loans, records, etc.

Good luck to all!


Mine applied oct 15, ask for additional documents(company)
Submit nov 6,2018..
Until now pending..hoping the result will come out soon..pray pray pray

Hey guys.

Share my EP application process result as below:
28 Dec 2018:applied
11 Jan 2019:rejected
that is the processing period.

My company just said the reason of rejection is couldnt identify due to system down on that day.
They try to help me appealling, process may up to 5 weeks as their feedback
Just waiting.

patient is a virtue. Good luck.

Dear All,

Just sharing an update for my application.
My timelines are shown below:

Jan 3 : Application submitted
Jan 4 - 15 : Pending
Jan 16 : Approved

All in all it took 14 days.

Hopes it help!  All the best to all ~ Good luck for those who still waiting for the approval.

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