How long will my work pass (EP, S-Pass, WP) application take

I also have experience that working in government sector should be approved faster. (E.g. in NTU or in NUS).

Hi everyone! My EP was approved last November1. Total of 127days.
Just wanted to share the timeline.

June 27 - Applied
June 28-Oct30 - Pending
November 1 - Approved

Best of luck for those who are still waiting!  :)

Over four months - Congratulations after a long (and I assume difficult) wait!


Thanks for giving out so much detail about the process.

Here is my timeline

E pass applied on - 17.10.2018

Status has been 'pending' ever since. I will update here as soon as I have an outcome.

Anyone sailing in the same boat?

also, a quick question does a delayed decision necessarily imply a negative outcome?

bvahi :

also, a quick question does a delayed decision necessarily imply a negative outcome?


Thank you for responding.

just to share with others.

31/10/2018 - Applied
Pending all the time
11/11/2018 - Approved

good luck everyone!

Applied on 1/11/2018
Still pending till today.

I hope to get approved by these few days. I already booked my ticket on 15. 😥😥

I didn't aware of the increased processing time. Longest Previous experience was 1 week only.

Hi All!

Just wanted to share my timeline.

05/11/2018 - Applied
Pending all the time
12/11/2018 - Approved

Best of luck for everyone!  :)


I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) 7 months ago. Since then, I have been regularly seeing my endocrinologist  and i have been taken my medication religiously. According to my doctor, my cases is not that serious (does not require surgery) but i will need to take my medication for at least 18 months.

If my medical exam in SG will reveal this hyperthyroidism, can it result to the rejection of my Employment pass application?

By the way i have an MBA degree and almost 5 years of work experience (Accounting). The salary offer is around $5,000 per month.

The medical exam checks whether you are fit for work. Are you?

Yes, I am fit to work. I am just worried that my employment pass will not be approved because I am not "100% healthy".

My spass just got approved today!

Applied 1/11/18
Pending all the time
Approved 13/11/18

God is good all the time.

Hi All,

I am facing following scenario. Can anyone advise me if there going to be any issue.

1. I have been working on a company in Singapore from last 8 years. I have just renewed my Employment pass, while DP application for my family is still in progress.

2. I have received the offer from a company yesterday and they are going to apply my EP now as I need to start work form January 2 2019. And the company want to launch me EP application followed by DP application.

3. I am wondering if the new company launch my EP application while renewal of my DP is already in progress by my current employer. Will it going to effect the new EP application OR the existing DP application ?


Another thing i want to check is if someone resign form his position and the company cancel the EP on last day.

Will he get STVP for himself or his family ?
How long the validity of STVP ?

I am checking this if in case on my last day, my DP applications submitted by new employer are still not approved. Will my family is able to stay in SG on STVP while waiting for approval.

Thanks for help.


See the response:

Will it going to effect the new EP application OR the existing DP application ?

New EP application will not be affected but DP application will show as existing application is pending, system won’t allow to apply DPs by your new employer.

Better, after your new EP approved then only inform to your existing employer that you are leaving, then new employer can apply DPs once existing DPs are cancelled.

Will he get STVP for himself or his family ?
How long the validity of STVP ?

Once, employer cancels EP and DPs, you and your family will get 30 days visa to stay here, which can’t be extended. Good luck

Expats, Please advise whether traveling on Visit Pass to search Job in Singapore is better with the current visa situation? I am IT Professional, worked in abroad all the while and returned now to India, Re-looking opportunities in Singapore. Please share your thoughts. Much appreciated.

As was mentioned several times in related threads on this forum (did you read any?), Singapore emplyers rarely shortlist or arrange interviews for candidates that are not in Singapore. They also do not pay for travel to an interview. Thus you will have to come on your own expense, and on a visitor visa. To maximise your chances, an extended job search visit is helpful (several moths if needed).

Thanks Bleppi for your earnest reply. I am ok to come down on my own expense to search job but is there a relaxation on EP visa by Govt for Non-singaporeans Please? Since last two years, I read over the forum that the EP processing is very stringent for immigrants. Thanks again.

If you read recent posts, you will come to know that many expats work passes are approved. It depends on your qualification, job scope, job demand in market, salary offering and employer’s credibility. If it matches then I don’t see why your work pass approval would have an issue. Good luck

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