How long will my work pass (EP, S-Pass, WP) application take

Hi Ram

Did your EP status change after you receive this mail.Mine is showing pending since almost 4 weeks by now .


Still shows pending..


So what I understand MOM has sent an email directly to you on your personal email add ? Is this true

I thought they usually communicate directly with the employer .unfortunately, I haven’t received any updates from my employer nor from the MOM.The patience is really taking my test for a while now.

The criteria for EP and S-Pass are similar, the process (and potential duration) the same.
If the background checks (carried out by third parties, so out of MoM's control) take that long, there is nothing you can do but wait.

Thank you for your response,
I will wait till mom, however my employer will follow up with the mom since they need people urgently..

Let's see with finger cross..

My situation
My Name is Hans and come from China,I have got Bachelor of Engineering in China. and my experience is about 14 years. Now I get a job from a world-wide company in Singpapore and my fixed salary is $9250(13 month)+allowrance. I've about 9 years equal experience in China. My employer apply the EP for me, they told me application had been submitted on 12 Apr 2019, but I found in EP Online, the application date was 18 Apr 2019.
Now status:
We need inputs from other agencies to process this application. In most instances, the outcome will be available in 4 weeks' time. Some cases may take longer.
this status has lasted for a long time. ( I didn't check from 18 to 24 Apr 2019, but when I checked it on 24 Apr 2019, I found it was already this status), I don't know how long I can get next step. hope smoothly

Hi Beppi,
yesterday my employer withdrawn EP application and applied Spass since they got quota,further more they need people urgently due to project demand.

Hope my Spass will get approved following days... :)

Yes they sent email to me directly.

Hi All:

I change the job 5 months back. Now i have better offer from another company and i accented it. They applied my EP and DP together on 24-April but status was keep at Pending until 3-May when it got rejected. I have been working in SG for last 10 years and never had EP rejection. I wasn't sure if changing the job in short pan of time causes this rejection.

However, the new employer mentioned that the rejection was due to misunderstanding between company and MOM on Job Bank posting issue. They say they have appeal the MOM and they agree to reconsider the application.

Anybody face the similar issue ?
Any idea how long it takes for appeal in this case. I know for other appeal usually can take up to month.


MoM does not like job-hoppers. So that and the job posting issue might have contributed to your rejection.
Please read the first post of the „How long will my work pass take“ thread to understand what happens at which stage, and the time it takes.

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