Professional card application


I’m an Australian lawyer who has made an application for a Professional Card.  Just wondering whether anyone knows how long it usually takes the Brussels employment office to process these applications?

I can’t seem to be able to find any guidance on timeframes online.


i have been waiting 16 months for a decision...have u got urs


I am a UX/Visual Designer and am trying to get the right information to apply for the professional card as a self-employed.

I have Resident Permit and am dependent, my wife is the primary B-Visa holder. Am I eligible to apply for professional card getting VAT no etc., ?

Any related information would be really helpful. I do have read the process online via websites, but a person told me I can initiate this process only if I have a contract given by an employer to initiate. Is that right? I could not find any clause like that in the process.

Please help.


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