Best place to move in Spain for 1 year with kids?

Hi - my wife and I are considering relocating our family to Spain for a year. My wife and I speak some Spanish, our kids, who will be 10 and 8, when we move don’t (yet :)).  We are open to living pretty much anywhere that has a good school for our kids and would love the thoughts of folks who have done this. Thanks everyone, Nikki and Dave

I'm curious about the same thing. Our boys are 6 and 7 now, but will probably be 8/9 or 9/10 by the time we move, and I am worried about the culture shock getting harder for them to adjust to as they get older.

Moving to Spain also with my wife and infant daughter (10 months old)! Looking to move next March. We're hoping to move to Cadiz. Hopefully somewhere around Estepona. Looking to rent somewhere. So much to take into consideration!

Matt.   I am a bit  confused

Do you realise that Cadiz city is 150 kms from Estepona ?

Cadiz is a province containing Estepona is it not?

Apologies! That would be Malaga province. My bad. :)

Hi matt just seen your post I am knew to this site just wondering did you and your family end up moving in the end as myself partner and our 16month old are thinking of moving in the next few months for a year just wondering would you have some info for us please 😊

I am confused and bewildered

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