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An interesting discussion @ Starbucks (Bangkok) yesterday, pertaining to differences in work-permit policy (comparisons), between Cambodia & Thailand. It seems that Thai Labor Law prohibits foreigners from teaching online, without first possessing a work permit. Duly noted, and accepted.

However, it seems the Thai Labor Bureau will neither issue a Work Permit, nor an Income Tax ID number, to any individual foreigner, unless that foreigner has first registered a Thai corporation, specifically registered as an education consulting business. The cost factors, to pursue such an endeavor, are also prohibitive, for the average foreigner.   

Thus, the question, does Cambodia's Labor Laws also have such restrictions, on foreign residents?

RSVP ~ Please, no supposition opinions, but actual facts. Thank you, in advance. Cheers.

Hello Jana.

Labour laws in Cambodia are far not as bad as in Thailand.

But every foreigner who works and/or has a EB extension of stay [B for business] needs to have a work permit. The work permit can be applied for on line by yourself.

Before you apply for a work permit you need to have a EB [business] extension of stay.
After entering the country on a 30 day Ordinary [E] visa you need to apply for the EB extension of stay. For that you need a letter of your employer or your own company, with letterhead and official stamp.

If you intend to work as freelancer or self-employed you need to register your business, get a registration number and a tax ID. If you don't have this when you apply for the extension you can apply for a EG [general} extension for 6 months, without documentation. In those 6 months you can get all the documents and registrations that you need. After 6 months you have to leave the country, unless you have applied for a EB extension, with the necessary paperwork.

I advise to have a look at this Facebook group that is highly specialized in visas and work permits and is up to date. Here the link: … 9/?fref=nf

Good luck!

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Thank you, sir. We appreciate your effort. Cheers, Jana

jana611 :

Thank you, sir. We appreciate your effort. Cheers, Jana

You're most welcome.



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