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Hi, My company applied ep on 26th March. Still showing pending. I worked in sg for more than 5 years. I left sg in end of Dec by my own accord and then I realised that sg is a better place for me and my family to stay permanent. I got offer in a niche field, but with reduced salary, accepted it. I have done b.tech from a primier college in India with 15 yr exp. I am regulary checking status. Always showing pending. I did sat, it is passed.

Mom is saying’ on his website “most cases with 3 weeks” my 3 weeks are going to be over in some days. Please suggest??

If you read various open threads in Singapore forum, then you shouldn’t ask this question. In recent times, its common that EP process can take from 2 weeks to 3 months or more. So, have patience. Good luck

Note: In SAT, it only confirms whether you are eligible to apply EP or S pass or both. But, MoM takes each application on its merit and review it case by case basis.

Dear Surya2k, could you suggest?

Suggest what? We can’t say how many days it will take or whether it would be successful or not. We can only provide guidance through our experiences.

What is the meaning of processing in 3 weeks in most cases? I checked that when they said processing in 1 week, they processed 93% in 1 week. Do they have any data showing how many processed in 3 weeks??

Based on my analysis, if mom asks anything in first 2 weeks, then there is a delay in ep approval. But I checked with Hr, they didnt get any query.

If you read recent developments, many cases we have seen in last 2 years where EP process is taking more than usual time. It could be due to various reasons such as stringent process, verification and tough guidelines (MoM has updated its guidelines in recent years very frequently). So, it’s tougher and lengthier than what you had witnessed few years back.

Last year mom made a guideline to process most of the cases to be done in 3 weeks time. Do you have any data how % cases they did in 3 weeks?

My ep was renewed last year in may. What is the meaning of date of application and date of issue on ep card? Does it indicate processing time? In my case this differnce was 15 days.

Sorry to ask you so many questions, but I am really desperate now.

If you are so much desperate then you shouldn’t leave your job and country without doing an assessment whether Singapore is good for your family or not. Surprise factor was despite of staying for 5 years, you didn’t realise which place was better for your family.

Never mind, about your query, date of application is when MoM system shown your application online (it may differ few days to the submission date by the employer), date of issue means when your EP was issued. Second query on data, I don’t have such data neither MoM releases any such information to the public but I can see through this forum employees are getting EP approval in average 3 to 5 weeks time. Very rare case, employee gets approval in less than 3 weeks time again depends on the demand of position, your job scope and skill sets.

Don’t desperate, cause there is nothing you can do other than waiting. Good luck

Thanks Surya. It means my last ep renewal itself takes 15 days. Just fyi, I am not in IT domain. Reduced salary may not be cause of delay?

In IT domain, only few job scopes are comes under high demand like any other sectors. Accepting an offer at lesser salary may be a negative point but again as I said, MoM reviews the application case by case basis. It’s hard to say on outcome but you are free to search a better job and employer. Good luck


This job is from different employer.

Yes another poster who complains to us about how long MoM takes!
There is NO point in doing so. We can't change it. All we can do is tell you, from our anecdotal evidence, how MoM works and how long it might take (in a wide range, as Surya did above).
There isn't much point in knowing that, and it doesn't help either. MoM has the final say, and they take as long as they need - take it or leave it!

For your information: When MoM still said 1 week processing time on their website (a few years ago), the anecdotal evidence said 1 month on average. Now they say 3 weeks and need almost 1.5 - 2 months on average. It's closer now, I think.

Thanks Beppi and Surya,

But I went through other forum, I found that if there is delay, they ask for some information from employer within 2-3 weeks time. Is that correct? They dont delay without any reason?

I just checked with my hr, they didnt receive any query.

Delay can be due to several reasons such as pending vetting agency report, additional information from the employer, large number of request came in at same time etc. so, there is no clarity on your case on why it was delayed. It may delay for a week or two or more. So, have patience.

Thanks Surya, in my case, I can see status as pending. I have bachelor degree in electronics, which they should have verified in 2012. No need of additional verification. If they need some additional info, they should contact Hr. Am I correct?

I have already mentioned that there is no clarity. Either request HR to reach out MoM to understand the reason for pending or else wait till the outcome.

Tomorrow will be 17th day. HR can call mom even before 3 weeks?

Since there was a recent flood of posters asking about work pass application procedure and duration, I have written a (sticky) explanatory post about this. Please read and understand it!

Fyi, in 2012, my ep was approved on the same day.

Sorry beppi, I am not able to find out. Could you send the url of that post?


Hi surya, do they define ep quota also? Mom website only defines spass quota. But some other forum is saying that mom defines ep quota also. Is it?

There is NO quota system exist for EP pass as it considers for niche skill levels of employees. But, MoM asks for justification and proofs to the employer before hiring a foreigner (applies for both S passes & EP passes).

MoM will evaluate applications more critically if the company already has lots of foreigners on EP, but there is not quota for this.

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