Will be working in Jakarta this July

Hi. I'll be teaching in Raffles Kelapa Gading. Can you please suggest a good apartment that's just a walking distance from the school? Thanks. I'm excited!

Hi Sarrah Chea,

make sure your salary is enough for an apartment in kelapagading very expensive
around 250K per day. You should look for house a room rent (indekos) there is a range of 800K - 1000K per month.

I attached a similar hotel:
https://www.olx.co.id/iklan/kos-kosan-s … fde0d4d7ea

OR around MKG (Mall Kelapa Gading)

https://www.olx.co.id/properti/indekos/ … ding-kost/

or maybe ask a fellow teacher then.


Gatot PJ

It could be a good idea to spend a week in a cheap hotel, that giving you time to find a place.
That could be a problem with visa and work permit addresses, so you'll have to check that out with your employer before you go that route.

Hi Fred. Yes, I will do that. Thank you

Thanks sir!

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