I need information about bussiness policy and term in New york

hello anyone. I am gita Indonesian need help some information about bussiness policy and term in new york. My brother have problem with the customer from new york, and need help to solve it. The customer have some jewellery store in new york, he try to dissapear after my brother shipping the item what they ordered to new york and its a huge money for us! we can not hire lawyer because its cost very expensive . we already discuss with paypal team as media payment our bussiness but can not help that much. we tried BBB (Better bussiness burreau) in new york, send complain faile to them, but they can not help that much in legal way. We just want our money back, we are living away from New york. my brother just start small bussiness to support his new family with the new baby born. He planing to rent small house with that money. so pleasee,,, there is any  people here who willing to share about kind of this situation in New york? we just have no idea what we should to do to get back the money. every respond i will apreciate. thanks a lot for admin, hope dont delete again my post, because it's not sensitive issues ,we just need some help. thanks



I can't help with your money problem but there's no need to worry about your post being deleted as it doesn't seem to break any forum rules. One point, as you're claiming the customer is stealing from you, you can't name them on here.
If you do get any offers of help, use the PM system to send details in private.

I will not share the detail here. Ofcourse on PM system. Thank you


What was the amount of purchase and what was your mode of payment? Paypal?


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