hi a question about long term stay in vietnam

I am in Cambodia at present and coming to look at vietnam.......what are the possibilities of a long term visa...thanks...jeannie b

'Long Term Visa' is one of the most popular topics covered here,
but turning possibilities into probabilities seems to baffle many
who might well be uncertain of their (true) motives.

So it's strokes for folks or horses for (causes)

The more inept, lazy or adventurous choose the easiest method of
a 3-month tourist visa and do a 'border run' to re-enter for another
three.   Like me, who is (still) enjoying my 4 year stay here.

Some prefer the 'security' of a 12-month 'business visa' or do the
most dangerous by marrying a local.   Adopting an orphan did not
eventuate and building a bridge or road (might) ensure your name
will last here.   But you (probably) won't...

I'm guessing.  That mine is the most popular method because it
allows you to remain flexible yet stable, (forcing?) you to take a
break for a day (or more) as you wish.  Cheaply.

Multiple choice answers also apply     ;)

One year business visa, and no you dont have to work for a company to receive one.

Can my baby entitle me to a VEC.  She's Vietnamese passport holder,  infant.  Not married?

MasterofDisaster :

Can my baby entitle me to a VEC.  She's Vietnamese passport holder,  infant.  Not married?

Just guessing but, unless you are a Viet Kieu, doesn't the appropriate Vietnamese relative have to make the application on your behalf?  That could be difficult for your infant child to do, at least for a while.

You can apply for one year visa, and stay for one year in Vietnam, during one year you might change your mind to stay in Vietnam for long term.

You may or may not be able to obtain a one year business visa as I have but only online. There are 6 month visas but most likely from where you are positioned now in Cambodia, you may not be able to arrange more than a 3 month multi-entry visa but then once in Vietnam, you can then look into an extension on your 3 month visa.

Colin can you expand on this?

richard0403 :

Colin can you expand on this?

Contact an agent or one of the online sites, they all offer the 1 year business visa.

You may need to understand that 2 years back, 1 year business visas were only available to US passport holders. This may now be different; so you should ask the question. As well, all agents are NOT the same. There are, however, 2 agents that I am aware of and have a high level of confidence in that do provide this service and are efficient in their service for a reasonable fee (as compared to most other services) - though the fee is still relatively higher than I would prefer to pay.

The visa offered to Americans back then is completely different to the 1 year offered now. The visa just for Americans you had to leave every 3 months, the 1 year  business visa now, you dont have to leave.

Correction!. The 1 year business visa "back then" is identical to the 1 year business visa now. I did not need to leave every  3 months in the first year that it became available nor do I need to leave now "every 3 months". The only question is whether it is now available to all other foreign passport holders (from countries other than the USA).

The visa that is 1 year and only for Americans, you must do a visa run every 90 days. This visa is totally different to the 1 year visa that is available to most countries.

"1 year multiple entries tourist visa just allows maximum 90 days of staying for one entry. It means the United States travelers will have to do visa run each 90 days with tourist visa.
• For the United States citizens who want to stay in Vietnam for 1 year without doing visa run are suggested to apply for 1 year business visa (Visa approval letter fee: Just only 200.00 USD)."

News Flash!!

The X-Files have been exonerated!   

The Truth was out there...     :o

..hiding in plain site, but still...     :blink:

As Ronni said, way back when...

" ronni50
ronni50 Today 21:53:17 Report #8
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Good grief!!
This is not rocket science people. I have lived here for 5 years. I have a business Visa. Every year I cross the border and come back for my new Visa. Here is (a phone number of) my lady Ms. Kahn in Saigon. Just tell her what you need or want to do. Tell her Ron Cavanaugh told you to call. She will explain everything and set you up with what you need. As I recall, it did not cost $300 last year when I renewed my  Visa. She is a good lady, be nice to her..."

    ..no rocket scientists were injured during this revelation...      :thanks:

To be honest, some of the information that gets around is laughable. An expat informed me last week that he was told by another expat that you have to be married to get a VN drivers license.

Maybe mixed up with the marriage mental test..?

Both pursuits provide peril     :o

Bazza139 :

Maybe mixed up with the marriage mental test..?

Both pursuits provide peril     :o

No, he was very clear about it,as I was trying to help him obtain a VN license.

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