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Hello sir

I was working in singapore from Sep.2012 to jan 2015. Then after that came back to my county. After three years I have decided to again get job in singapore and I contact to my previous employer. They agreed to apply spass for me with salary 2600 sgd. And it was rejected. The reason is  the candidate has an adverse  record with as cannot apply for work pass. Sir I really don't remember that I have done anything illingle in singapore during my stay.
I remember the last time I did not pay the government tax. Is beacous of that only the spass is rejected ? I am really shocked I have been waiting for this apportuny  to work in singapore but now it's difficult for me.
Please advice me what I suppose to do
Thank you

It was employee’s responsibility to clear all kind of dues before leaving the country. If any pending amount was not paid then reach out the agency or institution to discuss on how to clear the amount. You didn’t pay the tax on your income which is an offence. Reach out IRAS and find out how to clear the amount before you are asking your ex-employee to apply work pass for you. It’s surprised that after working for so many years here, how you thought that absconding from paying tax, you will get away of it then apply job again. Good luck

Thank for your reply sir.

So this is the reason for rejected my spass.
Because I really have no idea what adverse record is there in ICA.
As I know I don't have any police case in singapore.

The tax amount was very less (76$).
It was by mistake I forgot to pay.i don't know beacous of this reason my spass is rejected or else.... if I want to pay the due tax amount online then what I suppose to do?

If you "forgot" about the tax dues, how come you know it now?
In any case, you must contact ICA to find out what adverse record there is against you and then clear it. If it is the tax due with IRAS, you simply need to pay it, incl. penalties and interest (likely to me much more than the original amount) and get IRAS to inform ICA of it.
Without removing the adverse record, you will not get a work pass!


Plz if u can provide me email adress  f ICA where I can ask for my advese record..I tried but couldn't get it ..Plz
Thank you

I am sorry to ask you again.... I opened that link....but i am still confused...wich department I have to choose for my adverse record inquiry
Thank you

I sent ICA contact details because you asked for. But, your issue was MoM rejected application due to adverse news. So, better reach out MoM office to know about the adverse news. If your entry into Singapore was denied at immigration check then ICA is correct party.

Sametime as you know that you didn’t clear tax payment, simultaneously can drop a mail to IRAS to know the final amount which could be much higher to your original tax payment (such a Low amount). I still unable to believe what could prompt you not to pay the tax during your earlier working days.

Sir is it  possible if my  documents (graduation,working experience etc.) Is mismatched with my previous application?
If it is then what I suppose to with.?

I am not sure the tax is issue for my adverse record. But I remember I did not pay the tax.
I will text u the al story of my case..Plz sir help me to guide

First my agent in singapore applied for tep (4 moths) pass In  September 2012. It was approved an started working in restaurant. After finished my training pass they applyed for spass (continued job without country out).
During the renewal time (jan 2015) my HR ask me for degree certificate which I was not having that time due to have back log in university exam. Then HR said you go back to your country  and write the exam and contact me once you get degree certificate. After that I came back to my country and try to pass the exam. Seems  I passed out in 2012 (period of study 2008 to 2012) it was difficult to get permission for my exam from university. But finally in November 2017 I got permission to write the exam. Last month I got my result and pass in all subject and got my provisional degree as well. And I contact again to HR in singapore (previous HR manager is resigned)
And they agreed to apply spass. And it was rejected with reason I have adverse record with MOM. Sir is there documentation problem or something else? If have documentation problem then how can I clear bcz I am not in singapore now. And I think even I cannot apply for tourist pass as well.
.Plz help me out what I can do to clear my adverse record in  MOM.....

Thank you

If there is mismatch or falsified education or work experiences were provided then can be considered as an adverse news. Below previously discussed link for the details:

Thank you for your guidance sir...Can i still apply for tourist pass ? Is there chance to get?
Seems I am not in singapore it's difficult to find out the reason.... bcz MOM will not provide me the details about my advese record....

Rishipppd12 :

Thank you for your guidance sir...Can i still apply for tourist pass ? Is there chance to get?
Seems I am not in singapore it's difficult to find out the reason.... bcz MOM will not provide me the details about my advese record....

Whether you can get a tourist visa (SVP) depends on what kind of adverse record it is.
MoM will only deal with (and may disclose the reason to) your employer, not you.

But employer clearly said. I have police case in singapore during my  stay. So now we can't apply for your work pass...she said forever I cannot come back to singapore....

Surprise that you don’t have any clue on police case. Better avoid coming to Singapore, look for a job elsewhere. Good luck

That's the reason sir....I really don't know about any police i remember I don't have any issue with police in can I check about my adverse record by my self?
Thank you

Didn't we already point out to you how?
What else do you want to know?

Hi beppi....

MOM replied me for my mail. I sen them on last Friday....
They replied

We refer to your email of 06 April 2018.

Your prospective employer needs to submit a verification proof from Dataflow ( or other global verification agencies for your Bachelor’s degree educational qualification from Bangalore University.

Sir my question is....this was only the reason  for my adverse record?
As I have information that I need to 105sgd for degree verification.  And I need to wait around 35 working days.
If it is confirmed beacous of this only my spass rejected then I can go through this process..

Please guide me sir...

Thank you

You mean to say that you need to pay $105 for verification? Where did you get this information? If your information is correct, then MoM is looking for confirmation from the vetting agency that your degree certificate is genuine. So, you have to wait for that.

Secondly, this is not adverse news rather verification process to check the authenticity of those reports which you had submitted.

This is confusing news, as a missing degree verification (which MoM usually gets by themselves from Dataflow or other external vetting agencies) has nothing to do with adverse records. You or (better) your employer probably need to clarify with MoM what the real issue is.

I am sorry about the verificatio process n all that information I got from Google only...

I still don't  understand why mom give me that reason for my spass rejection.......
I asked then again and mom replied

We refer to your email of 09 April 2018.

If your prospective new employer still wishes to employ you, the company would have to submit a verification proof as mentioned in the earlier email to you for the appeal of the rejected application.

Thank you.

Reach out your employer then they can check with MoM to understand better. Through above response, it’s not clear what MoM wants from the employer.


I already sumbmited application for my degree verification on dataflow service.

Sir last time when i was holding spass in (2012 to 2015) my employer did not submit degree verification proof. So might be MOM considering on that base i have adverse record. Is it possible ?

Thank you

It’s not an adverse news rather additional information so MoM will reach out its vetting agency to verify its authenticity before deciding pass result.


I am really confused about my adverse record. I again sent mail to MOM but they replied same as last time. They only said my employer need to submit verification proof. I dont know  what to do. I cannot ask my employer again n again. As everyone know its very hard to find employer in singapore for foreigners.

I applied for educational verification from dataflow servise. I hope this is only the problem for my adverse record so after my employer submit that and hopefully i will get the result what i deserve.
And if somthing eals then how can i know about my adverse record in MOM. Beacous the same reply  i will get from MOM.

Please guide me as i am totaly depended on this job.

Thank you

You will get the result you deserve, at least in MoM’s eyes.

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