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Hi everyone
I'd like some info on housing? I lived and worked in kl from 2005 until 2010, back then I had a teenage daughter who attended Aism and we lived in high rise Hampshire park in Klcc.  Eight years on I find myself with strong possibility that  my husband will be relocated to kl.
Now I am in a dilemma  it was pretty easy with my 14 year old pop her on the bus to school, security wise apartment in the city. However now I have a 2 year and 5 year old and I am a little daunted about moving. So the dilemma I have is we can't live in a high rise apartment or even low rise for that matter my two boys are climbers and easily get a chair or whatever to reach whatever they want. Ground floor condo would be great but my experience with ground floor in kl has been 5 metres before you even get to ground floor. Villas and houses mostly seem to have unfenced pools which is just as bad as height issues. I would be looking close to city amp ang area my boy would probably go to iskl or Alice smith. I'm sure so many of you had similar probs so hope you can help

Look at Beverly Heights or Ukay

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