I find myself in a difficult situation.

I came to Geneva alone to see the city and enjoy my birthday. Unfortunately I ended up in the hospital with suspected meniningitis in the afternoon and was then transferred to Belle Idee psychiatric institution for leaving the hospital and getting drunk, in the process losing my visa card; where i reside today - Thursday. I have had to send a letter to the Natwest to request a new card as it is not possible by email without the card reader. I hope both items arrive here soon. The staff have kindly takenaway my passport. I am without family these days, sadly my mother and father and partner all passed away in the last three years and I lead rather a solitary existence with no children. I could really do with some practical help, in particular the atomiser for my e-cig has given up the ghost (innokin t18 - about 7.5 francs) and I have no way of attaining a replacement until my Visa card arrives. I would also really appreciate a visitor, the other patients are a pleasant enough crowd but someone who could be a good samaritan, within reason (I don't expect mracles) would be a Godsend. I am reachable by email or  telephone, but please reply if you read this. With any luck I shall be able to obtain a flight home in a week or so, although it has certainly been an enlightening experience to visit a new (for me) European destination even if things didn't work out quite as planned. Kind regards Philip.

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