Residency after marriage

Hello. I will travel soon to Amman and get married to my best friend. Our plan is to live there for a couple years then decide what to do later once we see how well I do in Amman.

My question is, what’s the process to get residency for me once we marry? I can find basically no info for this online.

Specifically he holds an Egyptian passport that says Palestinian nationality and Libya as his birthplace. He owns a flat in Amman and works there as a civil engineer. He’s lived in Amman since he was 8 years old.

If anyone knows the process, what I can expect, what I need to take with me if anything, please let me know.


Am not sure what's the procedures, but I think after few years with a Jordanian citizen you can take too. I think being an American and European there is much more opportunities because we all have 2nd or 3rd language, my fiancée said there is no problems with visa or something like that when you get married with a Jordanian. Soon I will move there too super excited

Hello and welcome to Jordan.

First of all, if you think you have seen paper work you should see Jordan, government officials just love to make your life miserable, it’s their sole goal in life.

So, take every piece of document with you to jordan, make sure you have stamped copies of it.
The process will take time so don’t rush things up, if you found a way to bribe someone please do it, it will make things go much easier.

Thank you so much for that information. My soon-to-be-Husband has an uncle working at Department of Foreign Affairs so we are hopeful he may be able to help make at least that part easier for us, by explaining to us what we need and where to go etc.

In shaa Allah,  what I hear from my fiancee he said that is easy

Ok it got complicated. His mom is Jordanian but dad was Palestinian and from Gaza so my husband doesn’t have Jordanian nationality and is here on a yellow residency card for “children of Jordanian mothers”.
Will he lose her sponsorship once he registers me as his wife here? And if so, then what will happen to him? Will e have to leave or can he still stay and can he sponsor me as his wife at all?
Thanks in advance.

Ohh that really got complicated,  I hope I will not have problems. I think he needs to go and ask all this questions at the council before getting even more complicated for both of you. Did u considered going to your country from where you come incase things goes wrong?

well that's a problem, Gaza Strip Palestinians doesn't have the right to citizenship in jordan, i don't think he will lose the sponsorship and never of something like that, but you should make sure there is dark corners just in case.

An update: back home my father died recently leaving my mother alone (because both of my brothers have died in recent years also).

So between that, and my husbands situation making things complicated for me to stay in Jordan, we are working on going back to my home. Wish us luck.

Sorry to hear that, my deepest condolences

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