New to Budapest

Hi Everyone,

I’ve just moved to Budapest and I am keen to meet up with people who are new here or interested in making a new friend.

Feel free to message me if you are up for it.



I'm new to Budapest too and i would like to make new friends, if you want we can have a coffe and talk :)

Hey! That's awesome. I'll message you my number and we can definitely meet up :)

Hey girls! Mind if I join you!? I'm getting a bit restless :-)

Hi, I have only just joined, but have been in Budapest for quite a long time.  There is a holiday weekend coming up and I was thinking of suggesting that members of the forum could meet up somewhere like the crafts fair or the food street during the holiday weekend (18th to 20th August)


I am also looking for people in Budapest :) I would be happy to join.

Best regards


Hello everyone


If you ever want to grab a coffee or go for a walk, let me know!! I live in the 9th district :-)


Same as everybody, I want to meet people in Budapest around a coffee or a beer :D
Hope to see you soon,


Hey everyone! I live in the 9th District and there is this great place call Grund with an awesome happy hour! Anyone down for some drinks this Wednesday? We can meet there and introduce ourselves!

I can't tonight because there is the International Meeting Point in Ankert but you should join :)

The event

Unfortunately I am unable to join you this evening, but I would be happy to try and make another week.  It would be nice to meet up with other expats here in Budapest :-)

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