Help to find out supplier with virgin hairs in Israel

Hi everyone - im finding this page during my searching for suppliers, so - im self employed and i do the buisness with hairs. i found here some topics about help with recommendation from people from other countries - and so im i try it also :)

Im keeping buy hairs from russia, but its so expensive, that im searching on my own. I know now, my current supplier has contact in Israel - could you help me with some informations? Where in Israel /other countries etc./ i can buy really nice virgin hairs for good prices. Coul be from manufacture, could be from one person, hairdresser. Doesent matter.

If you know something about - let me know. And if you are searching for other qualities of hairs - i can to reccomend you my other suppliers /unless im from central europe - so if you are from other side of world - i would like to be helpful/. Thank you so so much for your time!

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