Should i join a company only for purpose of staying in Singapore?


I have my EP application in process and that is the only offer i have, but on the recent communication with HR, i received a very harsh email from HR which was unexpected. Let me explain this.

So as per the HR they wanted to process the DP application as well so that they can save some time but my argument is what if my EP application gets rejected? I would need to pay for my DP and that would get wasted. We agreed on this but now they are asking me to provide documents for DP so that they can have other things ready, which i don't want to share as of now.  I want to wait for EP approval. Responding to this the HR manager sent a very harsh email which i didn't like.

My query is, should i join such org which doesn't understand (future) employees concern and shouts at them without a valid reason? But if i don't join them i would need to leave Singapore as my current contract in Singapore is coming to end.

I would suggest, take this offer wait for the EP approval. If your current contract coming to an end and till that time your EP status is still pending, then you have to leave Singapore (you may come back with tourist visa).

Whether you need to accept this offer or not, you need to do self assessment to understand your priority. In corporate world, you will find similar situation in many occasions.

I still don’t understand why you need to pay for your spouse’s DP fees! I never come across such things where employer ask employee to pay for DP fees. Good luck

As far as I know, a DP aplication is free of charge if submitted by the employer of the sponsor.

Nope. DP application has a charge of approx $260/application.

My EP got rejected. The company is not telling me the reason for it.

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