renting a room!

Hi guys and gals :)

I'm planning to go to VN and stay in HCM City from mid May thru July 4th 2018. I will need a place to rent room/apartment during that time.  My budget is limited and I would appreciate any lead on renting a room, or even sharing home from you all.

Thank you very much! Hope to hear from you soon.
Take care.


Hi Thuy,

Did you try to have a look at the housing section?

Here is the link you can post your ad there.

Housing in Saigon

Good luck,

Hi there,
My bro has several rooms for rent in a complex. Let me know if $140-$200/month fit your budget. Thanks and welcome to Vietnam!

Hi Christine,

Thanks for your response. Yes, I did try the housing section but most is really out of my budget. Of the few that I made contacts they are not positive at all.  Location, availability, renting duration, etc....
I appreciate you taking the time to response to my request for help. I am adding you to my contact and I'll try to keep in touch once I arrive VN.

Thanks again kindly!
Have a great day! :)

Hi Dteman:

Wonderful news! I am adding you to my contact for additional info. Please keep in touch.
I really appreciate your time and concern.
Thank you so much.
Take care.

Dear All:

It's with my appreciation to thank all of you in this post that showed willingness to help me in searching of a place to rent in Saigon for my upcoming trip in May 2018. I've gotten enough helps and believe that this post can also be helpful for any one that has needs similar to mine in the future.

I found this post extremely helpful and considered it was a personal success. I've had many leads;
though some were out of my league in terms of budget, the locations that I wanted to stay, and the rental duration, etc... I was so glad that all who responded were very kind, enthusiastic, and helpful. More than anything else, I've made friends through this, and for those that even extended invitations for me to share in with their existing rents you've been truly phenomenal and beyond all my expectations. By your caring, I felt deeply touched then and am greatly indebted now!

Last but not least, I would like to express my gratitude to Expat.Com and its community for providing a great platform specifically supporting travelers' needs like myself.

May you all have good health, success, and luck, always!

Thuy Nguyen

It's always good to get feedback.

Hi, I would like to rent a room at that price!

Where abouts are they?

Please can you message me back or call VN ***

Need room immediately!



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