Hi all

I'm Agi ,   South African  and permanently employed here in SA.
I will like to work in any city in Germany.
Currently an HRIS specialist ( oracle) . im  proficient with Saphcm too plus exp as Global Mobility Specialist.
Can someone suggest companies and agencies that assist with non-EU citizen.
I'm willing to do any office related work....job title does not matter.
I converse only in English.

Warm regards

For an international move, you need real dedication, a sense of direction and motivation - and the ability to convince others that you are the one to succeed in this.
"Willing to do any office related work" isn't enough, especially given your huge handicap of not knowing the language.
You need to show that you are able and willing to work against the odds towards your goal (attending German language classes for a few months or years before a job search would be a good start here), you need to know which niche you want to work in (where you have skills that are better than available EU citizens, who otherwise have to be hired first), and you need to be able to show potential employers what you can and will do for them.
Few expats succeed in all of this (and none perfectly), but you must work along these lines to maximize your chances.

True. I applied Masters degree in Economics at St Fallen....I start in Sept....

St Fallen? Where or what is that?
(I only know a town called St. Gallen, but that isn't in Germany.)

I've been accepted at Unisg ( St. Gallen).
I have applied for study permit

That is in Switzerland, not Germany!

Yeeeeeep am accepted there so far....starting Sept.
Am looking for work though in Germany.
I took note on your advise am only applying Oracle specialist roles since I'm an expert in those type of hobd

You cannot work in Germany while studying in Switzerland.
The nearest German towns from St. Gallen (Konstanz and Lindau) are an hour's drive away (and a world apart).
Furthermore, you placed this discussion in the Munich forum, which is 3 hrs away.

September is still far I will carry on applying jobs... If I get job offer before September I can still  work is nt that allowed? With work permit?
But once I'm in Switzerland on studyvisa I won't be allowed to work there-  as studyvisa is not work permit.
I have not paid for my studies at only accepted there.
Are you saying I'm no longer permitted to apply for work?

I meant it is not practically possible to study there and work in Germany.
The visa are completely separate, since they are different countries.
I have no idea about Swiss visa rules, so cannot tell you if you can still work there. Ask on the Switzerland forum!

If I find work anywhere in Germany......I won't enroll to study whether in Germany or Switzerland.
I have also applied to study at German universities.... Awaiting feedback.
Studies if plan B     .if my plan A for finding work first does not materialize

Sounds complicated - but you decide what you do!

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