Purchasing property.

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I am currently living in the UK, but have Dual nationality and I am looking to purchase a property in MUR. There is one currently that we are interested in purchasing however we have some questions we are struggling to get answers for, and was wondering if anyone could help or point us in the right direction please.

We have read that notary fees are done based on the price of the property (ie 2% for the first 250000 MUR etc.). Is this a standard protocol or can they charge what they wish? The notary we currently have has suggested we pay 2% of the property price - which works out a lot more then the other method. We are trying to find our own notary as this is one recommended by the estate agents - would it be worth our time to find our one notary?

Following from this if we find our own notary would there be 2 notaries or would they have to use the notary we have chosen as the only notary? Also they are requesting we pay the deposit before we see a pre sale contract of any sorts - again is this standard protocol?

Secondly we have been told we need to pay 15% VAT on real agents fees - this is presumably 15% of the fees and not of the property is this correct?

Finally would we have to pay taxes etc. from the UK side?

Undoubtedly we will have more questions but we would be so happy if anyone could answer or even point us in the right direction please.

Many thanks!!!

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