Moving from Barca to Malta :)

Hi All,
IŽm new to this forum and was wondering if I could have a little help?
We currently live in Barcelona but come from the UK. We are planning a move to Malta later in the year as we think it will be a better life for our daughter than Spain. We have approximately a small transit vans worth of stuff to move over with us but all the quotes I have found are for a minimum of a 3.5 lorry so the cost is crazy!!! We have no furniture apart from a child's cot the rest is household comforts. Does anyone know of another way we can move our stuff slightly cheaper. Many Thanks xxx

Hi and welcome on the forum lindseyb :)

Maybe you could asking a free quote from our partner. It may help :



We just moved from Alicante to Malta, driving to Barcelona to get the ferry.  We put out life in a hi-top transit, dogs in the car and jumped on the ferry.  Even with high ferry costs, saved a fortune. (Unless you eat in the Ferry restaurants.... take some tins of pate hehe).

Good luck.

I never thought about getting the ferry but that sounds a good idea especially with our little one as flying is always a bit of a handful as she wonŽt sit still. IŽll look into this I think although we donŽt have a transit maybe buying a really cheap one might be worth it!!! How are you finding life in Malta, we love Spain but think Barcelona is a little crazy for our daughter and want something a little bit more laid back and there also seems to be a lot more for english speaking children x