Why Poland? (work/study/migrate)

Hello everyone,

Why did you decided to work/study/migrate in Poland?
Why are you  planning to work/study/migrate in Poland?

As someone who was born in Poland and grew up behind the iron curtain, I'm little bit surprised by the level of interest shown by people who immigrated or planning to move to Poland. Just browsing through this forum revealed that there are large and growing communities of Indian, Filipinos, Brazilians and people from other parts of Asia, Africa etc. Not to mention places like US and UK

Back in 70's and 80's it was very rare that you could see any foreigners in Poland. To some extent the idea that Poland is a country where migrants would like to come and live is rather new and unusual. Hence, some of you may experience staring, strange looks or even hatred.

But I would like to understand what makes this place special for you? There are other countries in the world that have long tradition  of welcoming migrants. Even in Europe, countries like Germany or France are considered to be a far better place to work and live.

So the question remains, why Poland?

It's simple my wife is Polish and this is her country and will be my country too when I'm able to join it.

If you make the compared between my country and Poland you will understand
I'm a HVAC technician with more then 12 years experience and for me Poland is the deal place for I have my chance to go on because the economy in Poland is grown up now the prove the international companies in Warsaw and Krakow second the salary is good and is not expensive there and I contact the polish people I like because is not socially and that is good then I go for I work and start my life not for fun and no racist because the polish was see what mean rasicte when he work in UK

And believe in karma and have a very beautiful place

Thank you for replying to my post. This is mostly curiosity on my part and its is most likely the first question that you will be asked when you arrive to Poland. I'm far from judging anyone who wants to better his or her life. So I wish you all good luck!

I'm still looking for solution for be there but is so hard and no help because I don't speak polish

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