Contractors for renovation work for commercial space Sanur

Hi there

I am trying to find a reliable contractor or company that does office fit outs - we are going to lease a long term office lot in Sanur and need a quotation on, lighting, flooring, wiring etc. Its quite a big project as the office is around 220 SQM

If anyone has any suggestions please let me know :)



Only advice I could offer is go for a highly regarded electrician, the rest is down to taste, have a drive around see what renovations are going on, if you have local wife/ colleuge etc the chance of getting ripped off will be substantially lower if they do the negotiations, a good place to look is guys on local housing projects especially if work is coming to an end

Thanks. I agree with the bit about finding a good electrician

jakidass :

Thanks. I agree with the bit about finding a good electrician

Watch them like hawks. It's very common to see them twist joint wires, bung a bit of tape around the mess, then plaster the wires into a wall.

Yes Fred, it gives me nightmares thinking about it.Our place in Jakarta has never been the same. Cheers


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Hi chris, just wondering if you had any luck securing a contractor for your project as im looking for an architect for a project in north bali

hi jaki,
we have yes but he hasnt started work yet so cant really comment on how good he is...

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