Broken Laptop Service


Im new in Budapest and my laptop's hinge got broken somehow. Dont know where and how to get it fixed. and any ideas on how much it would cost?

There is a small computer repair shop on the corner of Also Erdorsor  UT.and Munkas UT. in the 7th.
They might be a tiny bit overpriced but they can do it fast.
Another place is a vendor located inside the big Tesco shopping center on Fogarasi UT.Not positive which district that one is.
Good luck.

Saw an add on the internet for another laptop/computer repair, used sales store.
Have no idea how good they are or their customer service is but here goes:

Located in the 13th district.
Would give the phone number and address but think that is not in the rules here to promote any business.

Firstly contact with laptop service centre.  They will explain you the cost and what is the fault.

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